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 Hananimaru, Chimitsu

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PostSubject: Hananimaru, Chimitsu   Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:18 am

Second character in the village. Plz comment and rate!!!!

Hananimaru, Chimitsu- Chimitsu is the kindest ninja in the Hananimaru clan. Her totem, a rabbit, belies the hidden strength within her. She specializes in healing her allies and dodging her opponents. Her lightning fast movements make her a force to watch out for.

Chimitsu has the classic tan skin of the clan along with long light brown hair that she ties into a neat pony tail. She wears a white and brown kimono that covers her body. Her features are somewhat delicate and she usually always has a smile on her face. She has warm brown eyes. She is not very tall, but she is not really short either. She is relatively skinny, lithe if you will. She looks toned, but she also looks as if she has never fought before.

Specialty- Collaboration

Hp- 90

Gentle Nature- Chimitsu shifts into her half rabbit form. Any move used against Chimitsu has a 20% chance of being ignored for three turns.
Cost- one random
Cooldown- three turns
Tactic, Instant

Medical Attention- Chimitsu heals an ally or herself by 20 hp for three turns. During this time Chimitsu cannot ignore any skills or become invulnerable.
Cost- one wisdom, one random
Cooldown- four turns
Tactic, Channeling

Flurry of Kicks- Chimitsu kicks an opponent while running around them in an unpredictable pattern. Chimitsu does 15 damage to one opponent and gains a 25% chance of countering the same opponent attacking her allies for two turns.
Cost- two agility
Cooldown- three turns
Melee, Channeling, Tactic

Fleet of Foot- Chimitsu uses her speed to dodge her opponents. Chimitsu is invulnerable for one turn.
Cost: one random
Cooldown: four turns
Tactic, Instant


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PostSubject: Re: Hananimaru, Chimitsu   Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:28 am

you should edit it to the one on WoN
7/10 for this one
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Hananimaru, Chimitsu
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