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 Hananimaru, Taka

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PostSubject: Hananimaru, Taka   Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:14 pm

Here is the first character from the first village of my region. Please comment and rate. Thx!!!!!!

Hananimaru, Taka- A young ninja who recently joined with his totem, a falcon. He was thought of as an outcast because he united with an animal no one in his clan has ever united with. As such, he is looked down upon and given useless missions because no one thinks he is capable of much. He is a swift fighter that has trained in the art of disabling his opponents.

Taka is tall with tan skin. He wears a pair of blue pants with a falcon on the left leg. He doesn't wear a shirt. He is a bit skinny, but has a muscular tone. He usually has a serious look on his face. His facial features are a bit sharp, almost like a bird's. He has short bluish black hair. His hair is usually messy and reaches to his ears. He has clear dark blue eyes. When he shifts he sprouts two huge blue wings from his back. His eyes become a blend of blue and gold. His muscles become more defined, and his bones become lighter, allowing him to fly. His feet become clawed, which is why he doesn't wear shoes.

Specialty- Disruption

Hp- 110

Shifter's Talent- Taka shifts into his half falcon state. He gains 15 points of damage reduction and can use Aerial Sweep for four turns.
Cost: one random
Cooldown: four turns
Tactic, Instant

Aerial Sweep- Taka dives down on an opponent and tackles them. The opponent takes 20 damage and cannot use any offensive skills the next turn. This is a stun affect
Cost: one agility
Cooldown: one turn
Melee, Instant

Enhanced Sight- Taka uses the eyes that his totem has gifted him with to see what his opponent is doing. For the next two turns, one enemy cannot become invulnerable and any enemy that attacks Taka is stunned for one turn. This skill is invisible.
Cost: one intelligence, one random
Cooldown: three turns
Tactic, Channeling

Falcon's Swiftness- Taka uses the swiftness of his totem and becomes invulnerable for one turn.
Cost: one random
Cooldown: four turns
Tactic, Instant


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Hananimaru, Taka
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